Mac Cherny


Who is Merriam?

Merriam Levkowitz is a Jewish bubbe destined for the lights of “The Broadway.” Together with her husband Maury, Merriam tours the world with her stories of her beloved family, their many Jewish traditions, and of course her boundless love for Her Majesty the Queen (Barbra Streisand). Merriam’s first show, Merriam: A Matzah Ballin’ Good Time originated on BROADWAY (Sea Tea Comedy Theater). It has since packed in audiences at The Second City’s De Maat Theatre in Chicago, Stage 773, and the Bentwood Comedy Festival. Merriam has also been seen at The Annoyance theater and many other venues! She is not just here for your entertainment, she also strives to bring the magic of queer Judaism to the masses. So, who is Merriam, you ask? She’s a star, that’s who!

Follow her Instagram @merriamshow to keep up to date with her latest performances.